Transform Your Health and Thrive

Empowering You to Achieve Optimal Well-being

Discover the path to a healthier, happier you with personalized health coaching from me, Julia Cullinan. Take control of your health, transform your lifestyle, and thrive in every aspect of your life.

Transform Your Health and Thrive

Empowering You to Achieve Optimal Well-being

Discover the path to a healthier, happier you with personalized health coaching from me, Julia Cullinan. Take control of your health, transform your lifestyle, and thrive in every aspect of your life.

Comprehensive Approach to Holistic Wellness

My Approach to Health Coaching

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Personalized Guidance

Receive one-on-one support and guidance tailored to your specific needs and goals.

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Evidence-Based Strategies

Benefit from scientifically proven strategies that promote long-term health and well-being.

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Sustainable Lifestyle Changes

Embrace sustainable habits and behaviors that will support your health for years to come.

Your First Step Towards a Healthier You

In your initial session, we’ll lay the foundation for your health journey, setting realistic goals and creating a roadmap to success.


Health Review

Conduct a comprehensive review of your health, exercise routines, and food choices to gain insights and identify areas for improvement.


Realistic Goal Setting

Work together to set achievable goals that align with your aspirations and lifestyle.


Holistic Approach

Explore the interplay between exercise, nutrition, and overall well-being, creating a comprehensive plan that addresses all aspects of your health.

Happy Clients

Before I started my journey with Julia my health was poor and I was exceptionally over weight. Although I still have far to go, the weight loss I had with Julia’s help was great. And my health in general improved over the 8 weeks i worked with her.  Julia is so supportive and lovely to work with. The tools I learnt from this process will help me going forward not only with the weight loss I wish to achieve but also with life in general. I’d definitely recommend this process to anyone wanting to improve their lifestyle and get healthier in general. I look forward to my continued journey with Julia going forward.


Before starting with my health coach I tried to lose weight without considering my health and fitness. It was a lonely journey without support and I became a recluse not wanting to see friends and socialise.  This made me feel as though I was losing control and failing in my endeavour to get back to a healthy way of living as I was before Covid and being retrenched.

Working with Jules has given me back my confidence and faith in myself that I am able to achieve what I set out to do and importantly not to be so hard on myself.  I have steadily become fitter, stuck to the intake of water and lost cementers over and above to losing weight.  Realising that this process is not just about losing weight. That is only part of the process.  I feel positive that I will be able to carry on by being kind to myself and accept challenges ahead with energy. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone struggling with creating a healthy lifestyle to keep fit and lose weight in a healthy way.  Working with Jules has been such a pleasure.  She is so understanding when I have the odd breakdown and most importantly listening.  My Zoom meetings with Jules were full of information that once I had listened, the process seemed so basic yet we don’t listen to our bodies.  I am now using food to heal myself. I would recommend Jules as a coach.  She is calm and listens with empathy,  understanding and encouragement.


Before I started my health coaching journey with Julia I thought I understood healthy eating habits, I was eating fairly healthy and exercising moderately however I was feeling sluggish and unmotivated. My self-confidence was very low as I felt frustrated.

Through Julia and the course guidance I’ve developed a healthy relationship with food and myself.

The course material was incredibly informative and easy to understand. The meal plans and menu suggestions were fantastic!

Julia created a safe space for me to speak openly and without judgement.

Since completing this health journey with Julia I have a healthier relationship with myself and food.

It’s become a lifestyle change for me and I am motivated to maintain this way of life. I feel more confident and healthier than I have ever been.

I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who needs a reset. And even though the program is over for me, Julia still checks in with me and keeps cheering me on!


Julia has a very kind way of speaking. She is clear, is a quick study on what people need and how information is best delivered. She took extra care with my daughter and saw right away that the approach needed for her was totally different than mine. Thank you so much! It was a great experience, and you are, Julia, already, a great health coach!!


Before I started working with Julia, I was feeling like I was stuck in a rut, I had cancer in 2020 and picked up some extra kilograms that I just couldn’t get rid of. My breast reconstruction involved 2 operations, each one causing me to lose more and more strength in my upper body.

I felt demotivated and my fitness levels were low. I had recently moved to Croatia From South Africa and started participating in lots more physical activities such as hiking, I felt I was always out of breath and just not comfortable in my own skin.

I have loved this process with Julia, not only have I reached my goal weight, my fitness levels have tripled. Fad diets don’t deal with the real emotional issues that you are hard to express, but the tools Julia used allowed us to get to the nitty gritty in a gradual safe and comfortable way.

I now have the fitness to keep up with the other hikers, I also have regained some of my upper strength, I can now do an impressive downward dog in Yoga !! I also feel that I have come along way and able to put the past cancer/ chemo / sick person behind.

I would recommend this program to anyone whether they are having a weight or fitness challenge, fad diets don’t work… you have to deal with the emotions that govern the actions.

I have enjoyed working with Julia as she really ‘walks the talk”, she shares her own experiences, exercises and  nutrition tips that have helped her, it makes the process much more real and made me feel that she was really invested in me and making a change together!!!


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